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Get Dirt-Free Gardening With Gravel Science

Mar 21, 2016 6:07:35 PM / by Cindy Huang Cindy Huang

Get Dirt-Free Gardening With Gravel Science

I’m sure many of you have heard of or are familiar with hydroponics as the new alternative to soil-free gardening. But getting off the phone with Founder, Richard Campbell has left me absolutely mind-blown. To Soil Less has discovered a way of growing plants on rocks by simply adding water! Bring on the skeptics and the confused – you’re all probably thinking, that’s just throwing gravel on top of fertilized soil to make things look neat.

No, this process is absolutely dirt-free.

“Gravel gardening” as To Soil Less has termed it, utilizes river or sedimentary rock, which unlike land rock, is rich in nutrients and minerals formed from eons of fossilized marine animals, plants and other organic material. When you add water, plant food emerges – a cocktail of potassium, silica and copper – the gift of all natural, dirt-free and odorless fertilizer. For the last two years, Richard and his family have spent time refining this gravel gardening process, condensing all of their knowledge into an affordable and highly recommended book:

Grown in Gravel: The Study of Geological Agriculture by Richard C. Campbell


Grown In Gravel | Get Dirt-Free Gardening With Gravel Science

Richard was kind enough to share with us some key tips covered in the book, and warned first time gravel gardeners that the rules of gardening are drastically different when it comes to growing your garden in gravel:

Gravel Grow Cup | Get Dirt-Free Gardening With Gravel Science

“The rules of gardening are drastically different and it’s not intuitive. But once you know it your whole gardening outlook will change. Your cost will almost disappear.”

If you’re looking to dip your toes in and get your first taste of gravel gardening, To Soil Less have created a Gravel Grow Cup:

 “The Gravel Grow Concept concept really came out of a classroom environment, where each kid could grow their own crops in a cup – a pea shoot that they could have in the winter so that they could snack on something nutritious all winter long.”

Giving the gift of sustainability, is how it’s described – all you need to do, is add water. However, the feature we are most excited about, would be the fact that the gravel system does not lose its value over time, on the contrary it gains value as you harvest and grow new plants. The residue of your harvested plants would contribute to the success of your new seeds without needing new gravel!

Gravel Gardening Examples with Microgreens and Tulips | Get Dirt-Free Gardening With Gravel Science

The applications are absolutely limitless. Your urban home, balconies, kitchen benches, window sills – but our favorite aspect of gravel science would be its opportunity to solve food security, and tackle starvation of the homeless. Richard envisions organizations purchasing 6 gravel grow cups and 6 packs of seeds in an easy carrycase that would provide a homeless person the ability to grow a serving size of produce every day for a year. He recommends pea shoots, which not only grow rapidly in gravel but are a highly coveted superfood.

Growing Tomatoes in a School | Get Dirt-Free Gardening With Gravel Science

Interested in learning more? Head over to for more information!


Going Gravel: A new age in gardening
To Soil Less
Welcome to a new age in gardening; Gravel Gardening. Yes, we have found a way to grow and sustain vegetables, fruits and flowering plants using nothing more than gravel, sand and cotton based fabric. The use of gravel in the cultivation of crops may represent the most resource efficient method of growing crops ever to exist. The ingredients are all natural and last a lifetime. Geological Agriculture is the process of growing fruits, vegetables and flowers in rock environments. Known also as geo-agriculture or gravel gardening, this method of cultivating crops enables vegetation to occur and sustain itself with limited to no use of soil and fertilizers.
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Gravel Grow Cup

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Gravel Grow Cup Commercial

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